Diamond Image Films

We shoot with high quality equipment to ensure the best delivery

All of your RAW footage is kept for one year so that in that time if you want to upgrade your package all you have to do is let us know. Even though all weddings are shot differently, we do make sure we capture as much as possible so that a full ceremony edit can be done later if you want.
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The bulk of our work is not at your wedding, but in the cutting room where we piece together your film. Each shot gets special treatment so that your story can be told the best way possible. This is why it takes up to 60 days to finish a film. Once complete, your highlight film is uploaded to the internet and or published to a custom flash drive or Blu-ray/DVD so you can share it with your friends and family.

Interview & Questionnaire

We talk about your wedding either on the phone or in person. Fill out a questionnaire about your wedding and the people involved. Plan any special features and discuss the package options available for your special day. We also catch up a few weeks before the day to go over any last minute details or changes.
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The Wedding

The Wedding. We arrive early to scout the location and plan for your ceremony and reception. We coordinate with the photographer and DJ if we already haven’t. Shoot your preparation before the ceremony and even a first look if you are doing one. We capture your ceremony from several angles and mic the groom for quality audio of your vows. The special moments of the reception are also captured throughout the night to get as much footage as possible.